Why this series of Blogs?

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15 Mar 2017 by mallyanitin

Never expected that I would land up as a Software Architect in my career. Did not pursue the discipline academically or systemically. Most of my career insights were obtained by:

  1. Being ‘present’ in architecture reviews of software products. Intellectuals brainstorming.
  2. Being a software engineer (designer, developer, tester) in my early career. Construction, Execution and Delivery of software products.
  3. Being a husband to an Architect. Observing the discipline of my better half.
  4. Being a coach/mentor to other architects. Being a mentee.
  5. Being a leader for an architecture community; internal to the company that I work at/for.

The internet is full of opinions and counter opinions; and I am in a position where I feel that I should simply write down my key insights for both my benefit (intellectual), and for any reader of this content to either appreciate and/or critique and/or build around.

Why this feeling? Don’t know.

My current target is to write down, at-least one blog (architecture insight, architecture anti-pattern, architecture pattern, architecture myth, architecture skill, …) on architecture everyday.

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Architecture Quotes

"Practicing Architects are consultants. Empower them to make them Architects"

"Architecture is the art of keeping things simple. This can get complex"

"Good architecture can be seen, great architecture does not even get in the way of eyes"

"Sometimes a great architecture choice, is not to do anything"

"A good architecture, is great enough, if simple enough to build"