Myth: Software Architect is a Technology Expert

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15 Mar 2017 by mallyanitin

I was reading a story to my two year old, “Some Dogs Do”. It’s a story about “Sid” a dog that can fly! A video description is available here.

On similar lines, “Some Architects Do”, rings a synonym bell to the story above. It’s the story of an architect that has multiple subject area expertise.

It’s hard to be an expert at everything. Full Stack Architect! Expert Architect.

In Trump style … It’s true. I know it. Look, expertise is godly. My mentor was an expert. I loved him. Very smart. It’s in the genes. My mentor could explain everything, he knew everything. If he was a she, she would be a smarter he. Trust me. It will take only 150 years to build expertise in everything – mark my words – do it. The engineers and managers are doing it; it will make you money. It will make you famous. Become an expert architect. It’s the only thing you have been born to do. I will invest in you. Go for it. Build universities to create expert architects. We will make architects great again! God bless architects!

The pursuit to expertise (one or two domains) is a good one. However, a better skill to have is to lead different experts to realise your architecture.

Hmm, that said, an architect will be called upon, to solve a tough problem (or a trade-off) as an architect.

  • A Database query is taking long time. How do I fix this Mr. Architect?
  • Which programming language should I standardise on? Python, Julia, or R? I hope the one that you choose, is comprehensive, trustworthy, and you could be called upon for your expertise, when we need help. Ok?

A call for help is usually a call for help. Phone numbers of experts to reach out is a good tool to have for an architect!

Some Architects Do.

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