My name is Nitin Mallya. I am not related to any famous Mallya’s. I can hardly be found on google, or youtube. The first name is Nitin, and not Nathan or Nithin; just a simple Nitin.

I love travelling and exploring. Very much introverted, and hence prefer writing. Less outspoken, and need time to synthesise before I answer!

Yes, I am listed in Facebook, linkedin, and twitter. I mostly read, and don’t like to share. This website is my first attempt to share 🙂



A leader! Attracted to creativity and innovation. Inspired by simplicity.

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Architecture Quotes

"Practicing Architects are consultants. Empower them to make them Architects"

"Architecture is the art of keeping things simple. This can get complex"

"Good architecture can be seen, great architecture does not even get in the way of eyes"

"Sometimes a great architecture choice, is not to do anything"

"A good architecture, is great enough, if simple enough to build"